Thursday, 11 June 2009

Camera Angles/camera shots

Low- camera looking up at subject, making it look bigger.
canted- Camera is title to make subject look slanted.

High- camera is looking down on subject, making it look smaller.

worms eye- extreme low angle, camera very low, looking up.

eye level- camera is pointed directly at subject.

Birds-eye/aeril- extreme high angle, looking straight down.

over the shoulder shot- camera shoots over a character should

point of view- camera shoots from a characters point of view

XLS-wide shot/established
LS-Long shot
MLS-3/4 shot
MCU-Medium close-up
BCU-Big close-up
XCU-Extreme close-up

TV Drama-Genres

Crime- Police Station, investigation, CSI, The Bill
Murder Mystery-Old Manor houses, Waiters, classical music, posh waiters
people stay for the weekend, diognose murder
Medical- Hospitals, operations, E.R, Holby City
Sci-Fi-Electronic Music,Space, sense of realism, Star-trek, Doctor Who
Other- Hustle, Shameless
Period-Pride and Prejudice, Bleakhouse, Charles Dickens Dramas, Love story, period costumes, posh accents/ country accents, class divide rich/poor, rural or city setting.
Soap-EastEnders, Hollyoaks, Waterloo Road, Streets/market, conversations, pub, middle-class
teen- Skins, college/school setting/ new music
Supernatural- Heroes, Smallville, primevil

Friday, 22 May 2009

Textual analysis of Tv Drama title Sequence

Notes on Dexter trailer:
  • Tough
  • Mysterious music/Ironic music/Upbeat but Creepy
  • Lots of blood
  • Meat cutting
  • getting ready in the morning
  • muscles
  • putting t-shirts on
  • close-up shots
  • fast movement
  • phycho
  • everyday routine
  • contrast between dark shots and music-supbeat
  • show potential weapons-blades, scalpels and coffe grinder
  • scapel to out steak, maybe hes a surgeon

Textual analysis-moving image texts

young people

  • troublesome
  • pregnancy
  • teen
  • emo
  • london streets
  • gangsta
  • knife crime
  • moody
  • chav
  • fighting
  • lazy

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Sound Analyisis- Dexter

Non-Digetic and Incedental music helps the reader create a mood, it also suggests the genre and sub-genre it is. it keeps the same bassline through out with other sounds going over the top of the bassline. The incidental music adds to the mystery amd the msuics ironic because the title sequence is dark when the Music is Quite Happy.

The folly sounds and digetic sounds help to create tension. For example splitting the egg and cutting the meat raises in volume when blood hits the sink a small high pitch bell sound happens with important movement to grab the viewers attention.